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Boston Trolley Company is brought to you by Mobsters and Lobsters, Boston. While our normal specialty is corporate events and company outings, we didn’t want the rest of the world to miss out on the fun. You have probably seen the party trolleys around the city, our beautiful blue trolleys in the South Boston St.Patrick’s Day parade, tailgating at the Patriots games or partying at The Xfinity Center or Gillette Stadium for a concert. We know that tradition calls for white wedding trolleys, but we’re all about switching it up. There’s nothing more beautiful than a white wedding dress and a gorgeous wedding party with our blue in the background. Ditch the boring and traditional mentality and book your wedding with us instead.
We provide the best trolley service in Boston, and we are ready to give your bachelor party, birthday party, wedding, concert, night out or special gathering the ultimate classy trolley experience you deserve. This is going to set a completely different mood and enhance the entertainment factor to ensure that your group is able to enjoy interacting with each other as you travel to your destination or just cruise around town.
Our trolleys are custom built to carry 40 passengers with leather seats. Specially designed to give you extra leg room than a normal trolley. We have open air concepts for the nice weather, and clear windows that roll down with ease to not restrict any visibility! We are fully equipped to operate all year, with plenty of heat for those cold times of year.
Custom audio with drop down video monitors, fully installed interior lighting with the option to utilize our color changing LED lights enhance your experience. Design your own playlists and sync your phone or device to our Bluetooth enabled speakers so you are in control of the music while on board.

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Experience Boston's Premier Trolley Service

When people are out partying, the last thing that they want to consider is the kind of transportation they will use to get from one point to another during their event or night out. This is the reason why we are offering the ultimate transportation service in a safe, practical, and reliable trolley that can take you to any point you schedule for the duration you choose to rent the service.

Boston Trolley Service

We take safety very seriously and our trolleys are kept in the most impeccable conditions by sanitizing the interior and exterior before any of our clients book them for use. This is something that we consider to be an essential step in the process of giving our clients optimal results for their event needs.

Your concerns as far as health and general safety are more than logical, and we invest time and capital to ensure that we can keep up with your expectations. This is the way the world works now and we consider taking proper safety measures to be extremely important. Anytime you have a special day in the way, we are aiming to be there in order to make it extra special. Our trolley is one of a kind and it goes beyond the features available in other similar services. The trolley includes custom leather seats with extra leg space, drop-down video monitors, and Bluetooth speakers. You can come on board with your favorite playlist, and we’ll make sure your songs are played without a hitch.
Our staff goes above and beyond to ensure that you are both comfortable and satisfied with the service that we provide.

We are offering the best packages with rates that start at 4 hours of use and we can handle between 5 and 40 people for any event. This means that we can provide the best trolley experience for a small group and a larger group of people. Our trolley service is going to be extremely useful for all kinds of events, and it will give your group more time to focus on having fun and making the experience truly unforgettable.